New Toys

I'm so excited!! My newest toy made it's way to my door yesterday.

I told the dear hubby that my ball winder came in. He was somewhat confused and asked what in the world I was talking about.

I showed him the box and how it works.

His comeback? "Oh, it's a wool winder. That sounds a lot better than ball winder!"

I then told him to just be quiet and give me his hands!! *L* Next on my (his) wishlist is a swift!


Feisty said…
"Ball winder" actually works for me.

I'll just add it to my list of thinly-veiled threats to the husband.

; )
Anonymous said…
No! It's a wine yarnder!!!
Thea said…
Yes! Love mine - and I use a chair back as a swift. amazingly, it works great!
adamboysmom said…
I used the back of a chair until my husband surprised me with a swift for Christmas. I saw that swift as a white flag of surrender. He has finally realized this knitting thing isn't going away.
LauraB said…
My husband has declared that I am not cleared to wind yarn. The swift and winder are his domain and he does it with an incredible amount of deliberation and pride.

It's hilarious because it never fails - if I try to do it the skein will become a mess.

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