Dye for Me! UPDATED

It all started because I wanted sweater quantities of yarn in colors I adored.

For the prior few months I have been reading, studying, plotting, planning, and procuring.

The last of my acquisitions arrived this week.  With Sweet One's assistance, the chemistry whiz she is, we transformed dye powder into dye stock last night.  The plan was (and is) for Laura to join me on Sunday for a little dyeing party, a first for the Feisty household; however, no sooner had we mixed up eight different colors did the little jars of promise begin to whisper my name.  Before I knew it, I had 10 small skeins, 20 yards each to play with.

The first three from last night came out a bit mottled, but I find them charming nonetheless:

As soon as they were dry (enough), I quickly knit them up into a swatch.

The yarn is Henry's Attic Kona DK superwash.  Something I consider to be a good weight for South Texas.

Spurred on with a little confidence, I quickly mixed together a few more custom colors and before I knew it, I had sweet little skeins to keep me company.

There is quite a bit of green, isn't there?

The husband has requested a sweater, one in green, no less.  Now he has something to choose from.

Feeling pretty spunky, feisty even, I resisted the temptation to dye the remaining big skeins, after all, two belong to someone else (Laura) and it just would not have been right to dye *everything* before Sunday.

Instead, I eyed a sweater I had knit in a very neutral shade, one that did not quite suit my complexion, this one:

Pretty, no?

It is Malabrigo.

It looks like this at this very moment:

The good news:  It's a lovely shade of blackberry (or so I am calling it).

The bad news:  I think I have managed to felt it.

Pride goeth before the fall...


Good or no, I shall post the results when it finally dries in the next day or so.


The dye Gods are smiling down upon us!!

It lives!!

The yarn in the neck line is what was left over from the knitting of this GORGEOUS sweater!


I am so happy!


LauraB said…
Nooooo!!! FELTED THE MAL!!! But the color is amazing...

I can't wait to see what happens and appreciate your saving a little fun for me! LOL

I love that 3rd from right green skein...heck, I am amazed at all of it. Good on ya!!
Michele said…
Oh WOW!! I really like the 'mottled' purple (grape?)!!
and the green and the blue!!

You've been a busy little beaver today, haven't ya?? *S*

Love them all, great job.
Bobo Knitter said…
Lolly said…
The sweater is beautiful! Did the dye get completely through all the "inside" fibers? Was it very messy? :)
Feisty said…
Thank you, Ladies!

Lolly, the dye completely saturated the yarn and bonded with the fibers. I love it!!

As far as messy, no more so than baking a pie from scratch, including pie crust.

; )
LauraB said…
That shade is so deep and rich...it is an amazing change and it really points out the options for home dyeing!

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