Feeling blue

The yarn I have been dyeing is Kona Superwash DK.  As I needed to order some Glauber salt (it is supposed to create a more uniform dye strike), I decided to try a different yarn base.  The above is Gaia Worsted.  The Kona and Gaia are both 100% merino superwash; however, the Kona seems a bit shinier.

My goal was to replicate a test skein I had done the other day, altering my methods slightly.  The test skein was done on a small 20-yard skein without the salt (because the cute UPS guys with the nice legs had not yet brought it to me).  It was also done in a mason jar and steamed, rather than kettle-dyed.

As you can see from the background, this shot came out quite a bit darker than the top one, but this is a good representation of the test skein.  I LOVE it.

When both skeins are shot together, the little test skein was slightly darker, but far more mottled.

The mottling is most likely due to the addition of salt, but it could also be a result of steaming the yarn in a jar.  As it is not really viable to steam a full 560-yard skein of yarn in a jar, I am hoping the difference is, indeed, the salt.

While not a perfect match, the tone, shade, and depth of color, as well as the uniformity of the color throughout, is lovely.  I was striving to achieve a semi-solid skein.

The next test run will be the Kona dk for a green sweater for the husband.  As it requires over 2,000 yards, about 2 pounds of yarn, it will have to be done in two separate batches.  I will mix the dye stock first, then divide appropriately between the batches.  I think I will omit the Glauber salt this time, hoping for more mottling which will help the eye in the event there are shade variations between the two batches.

This is what will accompany me on vacation next week!


Lolly said…
I hope you're right about the salt. That little skein is beautiful! So, what are you going to knit with those two yarns?

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