Summer Shrug

Just in time for the 100 degree heat of a Texas summer I finished my button-up shrug.

This was a learning experience for me!

I learned the importance (and peace of mind) of a life line when knitting!

I learned how to do (and un do) a provisional cast-on.

I learned how to make a button hole, even though I haven't found just the right button to add.

The most important thing I learned, though, is I really like doing lace! I like it so much that I'm contemplating using this same pattern to make another shrug, maybe in an almond color. Admittedly this was an easy pattern. I might not be saying this if I tried a more difficult one. Time will tell I guess! *L*

Any thoughts on another color or pattern ?

Soft Linen Button up Shrug from Make it Modern using Classic Elite Yarns Soft Linen Lupine.


Feisty said…
Michele - That is just STUNNING! I love it.

Well done!

; )
Michele said…
Thank you Mz Feisty! :>)
Sharon said…
This is a really super pattern design with cool versatility. It would look lovely in almost any color.

Like you, I have fallen in love with the life line; however, there doesn't often seem to be the time to knit lace. I have one lace scarf that's been half done for over a year now.

You can find Japanese drop beads, like the ones used in my understatement necklace, at lots of online stores. Google for "drop beads" and you'll get a lot of search results. I used the 3x4 mm size.

We've had record low high temperatures this spring here in Portland (only 57 degrees for a high on two days last week). It has been usually rainy and cold. It puts me in the mood for knitting, so I guess that's good. My container garden doesn't like it, though.
Lolly said…
Michelle, that is gorgeous!
Lolly said…
And sorry I misspelled your name. ; ) Maybe I'll remember next time.
Michele said…
That's ok Lolly, most people DO spell it with 2 Ls! And thank you for the compliment; I really enjoyed knitting this shrug (didn't think I would when I first started on it).
That One Girl said…
I think I might be a bit partial, but, I think that this is the BEST shrug ever! ;-) I bet a certain daughter of yours might actually LOVE one of these for Christmas! ;-)

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