Knitspot was here

The warm and gracious Anne Hanson of Knitspot (as well her lovely niece Susan) popped into The Knitting Nest this evening to join us around the knitting table.

She had several projects on the needles she allowed us to pass around.  I must say, she uses gorgeous yarns with the most wonderful hand to them.

Here she is showing us a shawl she just finished yesterday (it has not yet been blocked).

She was also nice enough to allow me to take a picture of her with the Butternut Shawl I made.

Just before she left, I managed to get a shot of her with my younger daughter.  They share a love of green, I see.

Many thanks to Stacy for hosting and all the ladies who brought snacks and shared their knitting.  It was a great knit night!


Michele said…
Sounds like a great time!

I love the butternut shawl, such a beautiful color
Lolly said…
Oh, my! What a surprise! I miss reading one day and look what I miss. If I had known she was going to be there, I would probably have tried to talk my sister into taking her granddaughter by there, wearing the Vine Flower child's dress I knitted for her last year(it still fits.) How exciting!
LauraB said…
So holy potato cakes, she is SLENDER! And so pretty!! I was reading her blog and it was making me crave veggies. LOL

What a terrific experience for you guys! I am sure she liked that divine shawl, too. I loved her pattern and need to track that. Join her rav group...just too cool that you are getting to know so many people!!
Anonymous said…
I just saw you on Anne's blog. Tell me why we never see your gorgeous face on your blog??? There is no excuse for not showing that beautiful face!!! I'm glad you had fun.
Michele said…
HaHa passingdowncrazy busted ya!! *S* That butternut shawl looks great on you, love the color!
Neuroknitter said…
What a fun time! I heart Anne!

Love the butternut autumnal!! :)
Feisty said…
Thank you, Ladies!

NK - I am a fan of both your knitting and beautiful photography!

Happy Knitting!

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