Mad Light and Twisted Valkyrie

My yarn purchases of late may well be signaling a decline in my mental health, for no other reason than their names.

First up is Blue Moon Fibers Twisted (an Aran weight) in the color Valkyrie.

I spotted it for sale or trade in another lady's stash and just knew it wanted to become a sweater for me.  Three skeins at 560 yards, it should make a fantastic sweater.  Problem is, it just has not yet decided which sweater it wants to be.  With a heat index of 105 degrees, I think it can takes its own sweet time reaching a conclusion.

Next up is that doggone Madelinetosh addiction, again.  When I spied these, they practically serenaded me with the song of the shawl.  If you have not yet heard it, spend a little time with me, it will certainly enchant you, too.  This is Madelinetosh Merino Light in Amber Trinket Purple.  Mad Light for short.

School starts on Monday!


Notwithstanding what the thermometer says, that marks the beginning of fall and serious knitting weather.

Anyone have a rash of startitis, too?


Lolly said…
Those are both beautiful yarns!
I'm just recovering from a rash of startitis, but I believe I'm about healed. While at least half a dozen projects are snoozing, I'm working steadily on what Northerners call a Summer sweater (we Texans know there is no such thing) and I plan on finishing it by later Sept - early October. Then I'll whip up a small simple (I hope) sweater for my DIL's birthday 11/10. After that, I'll finish up the first sweater I started for myself a year ago. And if the knitting gods are smiling upon me, I'll get a few mittens made for Christmas presents!

That's the plan. It feels great to have one.
Michele said…
You have such great taste! Love those colors.

Ha, startitis?? I think I suffer from keepatis. Feel like the little engine that kept saying I think I can! Loving my Stacy shawl, getting easier to do the closer I get to the end! *L*
Feisty said…
Oh, Lolly, I cannot wait to see your sweaters! I think one of those is done in that beautiful green Miss Babs, right?

Michele - I could use more than a little of that keepatis. I have a dozen designs running through me head. I was in the Knitting Nest earlier this week and my mind was spinning as I was talking to Stacy and looking at the gorgeous yarns...

; )
LauraB said…
Oh, how I'd love to START something but I am afraid I must first FINISH something. It takes ever so long...

I ADORE those yarn selections - wonder about that Twisted - would love to see a swatch.

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