Okay, Laura, here it is!

In the previous post, Laura wondered what the Blue Moon Fibers Twisted (Valkyrie color way) looked like knitted up.

I had pondered the same thing, and it took all of five minutes after the yarn first arrived in the mail for me to wind up a ball and find out.

From top to bottom, I used needle sizes:  US 7, US 8, and US 9 with a purl row between.  As I have mentioned previously on this blog, when I swatch, I usually begin with the smallest needle and work my up for several different samples.  The cast on tail has 7 little knots in it and the bind off tail has 9 little knots in it to remind me later what needles I used to check gauge.

The yarn has spoken and, with spot-on gauge, it actually wants to become this:

This pullover has an interesting construction.  It is knit from one sleeve cuff to the other with minimal finishing, basically the sleeve and side seams.

With temperatures of 103 degrees today, I have not yet cast on for this one yet, but school did start today!

In other news, the sewing machine and I have become reacquainted.  Always in search of the "perfect" project bag, I decided to make one myself.  I have several drawstring bags that work well for keeping WIPs safe and portable, but I have found to determine what is in the bag, I have to take everything out of the bag.

When Anne Hanson (knitspot) was in The Knitting Nest a couple of weeks ago, she had all of her projects in nifty little brick-shaped bags with zippers that opened up fully so the contents could be inspected without emptying them.

(drum roll, please...)

Allow me to present the brick bag by Feisty Knits!

(If you click on the picture, it will get larger in a new window.)

These are only a few of the many (seventeen, so far) fabrics.  Each bag is fully lined and ready to go.

Stacy at The Knitting Nest has these in her store.  If you would like one, just give her a call at 512-291-8866.  I anticipate they may even make it to her on-line store, too!  

Anyone ready for a little fall weather with frigid temps, say, below 90 degrees?


LauraB said…
No! NO!! Oh, the bags are amazing...and your smarty pants swatching - genius, of course.

I love how it looks in the swatch and I think you have once again matched it well with the pattern.

Goodness, you are just flat out rockin' the knitting this year...
Anonymous said…
You are a wild woman! When I decide I want to learn to make box bags, I make one. You make 17. Crazy woman!
Lolly said…
That's a neat pattern. Knit it up so I can get your opinion on it. ; ) And that yarn looks great! I've yet to see anything from Blue Moon Fiber ARts that I don't like.
And the bags? I'd like about five of them, please. :)
When Feisty's quiet for awhile...she's up to sump'n!
Feisty said…
Thank you, ladies!

The yarn is awesome! Maria (passingdowncrazy) knit a cardi out of the Twisted a while ago. It turned out so beautifully, I have had my eye out for some.

As to the bags, I *adore* them!

; )
I desperately want that pullover in those colors....sigh...I wish I could knit! Hahaha!

And those bags! sister! You need to open a knitting store in Gruene!!!!!
Michele said…
And here I thought I'd done something fantastic just for finishing the Stacy shawl!! *L*

Tell Stacy to hurry and get the bags in her online store, I want 4 or 5 of them myself!

Hopefully pics on ravelry tomorrow of the blocked shawl,,,
Feisty said…
Bobo, we can seriously teach you how to knit that sweater. At that gauge, it will go quickly!

Michele - I cannot wait to see your shawl!

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