Stacy on the needles!

This afternoon Feisty is teaching a class at The Knitting Nest, (see side bar) featuring this Stacy Shawl that she designed. If, like me, you live too far away to take advantage of it, don't let that stop you from tackling the project. For a newbie, it's extremely do-able. A few challenges that you'll master in no time.

More experienced knitters will find it an absolute JOY. Just enough thinking on either side of an expanse of stockinette!

I'm not a real speedy knitter, and I have several other projects in the works, too; but in about a week, I've knitted 11" of it. So in these pictures, I have it pinned out to show the beauty of it!

My suggestion - use some yarn that you love, love, love! You only need one skein of either lace or sock yarn (two of worsted) and as the shawl grows, you'll be rewarded with the beauty of your creation. I'm using Madelinetosh Prairie, 100% merino lace, held double. Colorway: Vintage Frame. Ravelled here.
The little cable on the top edge adds a delicate look which really provides strength to the part of the shawl that gets the most stress.

And the bottom lace edge...
...well, is that not classy?


Feisty said…
Oh, Lolly, you do beautiful work!

I so appreciate your thoughtful words, too!

; )
Michele said…
Lolly you missed a great class!

Ms Feisty makes one great teacher; even a person who is 'knitting challenged' as myself understood what she was teaching!

I only have about 4" of my shawl completed, but I'm loving every inch of it so far! *S* I hope mine turns out as lovely as yours!
Thea said…
Very classy. Lovely yarn too, it looks great with that pattern.

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