Like our good friend, I also invested in some stitch index books recently. There was a sale and I thought Why Not. (I'd gotten at a book thrift shop one of the card index things but was not as happy with it. Gave it to a young friend, instead.)

These few books have a lifetime of inspiration in them. The Lace and Eyelets was a real favorite and the Cables book was AMAZING. But I have to admit they were all worth the expense. I don't think the Interweave book sale is still on but if so these are worthy of consideration!


Feisty said…
Excellent, Laura!

I have been eyeing those myself. Next time we get together, we shall share.

; )
Lolly said…
Do I see some knitwear designing in your future?
LauraB said…
Lolly, I dunno about that...but I have always had a "minds eye" for design. Whether I can make it into reality?

Suffice to say the Lace book has many stickies with things like "lingerie edging" and "silk tank straps" in it. LOL

(And yes, we shall share! I have a book of yours to return - which sort of stimulated this purchase.)

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