Glam Shots!

Stacy at The Knitting Nest in Austin is not only an amazing knit shop owner and friend, she is the mother of a professional photographer, Amanda Klaus.

On Sunday, I brought Jambo in for the specific purpose of taking some photos of it using Stacy's mannequin, but I forgot to bring my camera.  Smooth, right?

Fortunately, Amanda was there and, not only had her camera with her (I did say she was a professional, right?), she graciously agreed to take a few shots when I imposed upon her.

photos by Amanda Klaus

Even better, Amanda has agreed to lend her services to take some edgy senior shots for my Sweet One!

Thank you, Amanda!


Theresa said…
Gorgeous! Love the pattern, love the color yarn. I think at the moment, the yellow is my favorite!
Feisty said…
Thank you, Theresa!

I say that every time. This is my favorite, absolute favorite, then I finish another one...

Fickle me.

; )
boboknitter said…
Michele said…
Soooo what's the difficulty level on this one?? What size yarn did you use?
Feisty said…
Thank you, ladies!

Michele, this one is not hard at all. It is done in lace weight Meru from Curious Creek; however, as with most everything I do, it can knit in fingering, dk or worsted.

I actually cast on in fingering weight yarn to test the pattern after the first write up.

The body of the shawl repeats a 10 stitch pattern made up of 2 yarn overs, 1 purl, 1 ssk, 1 k2tog, and 5 knit stitches. The border is comprised of the same, minus the ssk and is attached to the body with k3tog.

This is as close to mindless knitting as lace can get!

Pattern coming soon!

; )
Michele said…
I'm so glad you come up with patterns that even a dummy like me can understand but results in the most beautiful knitted items!!

You should pat yourself on the back! Next time I see you, I'll do the same! *S*

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