Sweater Swatching

Not that I actually have time to knit one, but there is always time to swatch for one.

Pattern:  Ayana by Amy Herzog
Yarn:  Gaia Worsted hand dyed by Spnning Colors (Blue), Miss Babs Yowza in Frog Belly (Green) or Madelinetosh dk in Cove (the browish/blue variegated).

When I started swatching, I actually picked up the blue first because I was searching for a sweater to make with it; however, it is a Worsted/Aran weight and produced a thick fabric on size US 7 needles.  Next up was the Yowza Frog Belly in green which is a classified as a light worsted, but knitted up loosely.  Lastly, I grabbed the Madelinetosh in Cove that was originally billed as a worsted when I bought it, but was downgraded to dk when Madelinetosh came out with her Vintage worsted line.  The diameter of the yarn is thinner than the Gaia, but thicker than the Yowza and, in this instance, it is just right.

So, for those who are keeping track at home, I have one sweater on the needles (the back and sleeves are done and the front has been cast-on, but only barely) in Black Cherry:

and, including Ayana above, three in waiting:

Pattern:  Oslo by Elsebeth Lavold from the City(e) scapes Collection
Yarn:  Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Cognac

Pattern:  Rachel by Roz Wilson from Artesano's Curves Collection
Yarn:  Blue Moon Fibers Twisted in Valkyrie

Has the sweater bug bitten anyone else?


Michele said…
Not quite to sweaters,,,yet!
Theresa said…
*raises hand*

Malabrigo and Madelinetosh are ridiculously yummy yarns.

I'm still working on my green top, it's getting really close to done, though. It makes for really good "work" knitting, as opposed to, say, lace that has patterning on both sides. ;) And then I'm making cardigans for both my parents for Christmas. Should probably get on that, huh?
Feisty said…
I'm with you Theresa: Damn lace designers!

; )

Looking forward to seeing your green top complete.

Michele, when you come at the end of the month, be sure to bring stuff for a sweater and I'll get you started!

Anonymous said…
Love that Twisted!!! I'm trying to diet so I'm sticking to lace for a while. It always fits!
Feisty said…
You have a point there, Maria.

I've been a little concerned that the sweater I started in February, the red one, may not actually fit...and it won't be a gauge issue.

; )
Lolly said…
All 3 of those swatches are beautiful! I think I have more sweaters in the works than you do. I'm afraid to count.

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