Fear And Loathing - New Skills Phobia

Since our leader is off for a time I thought I'd toss up this bit of news. Some of you are familiar with the lovely work of Kate Davies. Her blog is an amazing tour of Scotland, discusses her battle with recovery from a stroke, and displays her knitting genius.

Her Tortoise and Hare sweater that she'd started pre-stroke, worked so hard to finish ,and pattern is a heroic feat completed. Just out, you can get the gauntlet pattern free for a brief time if you buy the sweater. (At $6 US I think it possibly the least expensive knitting related purchase I've ever made!)

I want to try those Vikkel braids so getting the free gauntlet pattern (just the thing to learn colorwork), helping out Kate, and having an Epic Sweater in the Rav library (yes, I have a category for Epic) was worth the price.

The pattern referenced this which is the thing that drove me to post today: the dreaded STEEK. What a terrific video of a really amazing way to deal with the fearsome process of cutting ones knitting! The quality of the video is really amazing and it has hilarious out-takes at the end. (The celebratory dram of scotch at the end makes me adore her even more.) And there was this link, too, which really helped understand the entire process. If you save links to Tips & Tricks, those two ought to be stashed away right now.

I'll wait...

Anyway, the braids in Kate's patterns are going to make an appearance soon in a project! This video (though in German) was fairly instructive! I do like to learn from watching and I hope it tempts you to consider the skill, too!


Lolly said…
Kate's blog and patterns are among my favorites! I had been wondering about those braids. Now I'm wondering about your Epic Sweater.

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