Okay, here is the long awaited 'first sweater project'!!!

It's Mothed by Mags Kandis, a sweater knit from top down. The free pattern can be found at! I'm using a deep purple Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran yarn. (the true color didn't come out very well in the photo)

So far, so good,,,I had a little trouble getting the live stitches for the sleeves onto the stitch holders and then trying to join the next row! I'm hoping I don't have big holes under the arms! I'm also glad I did a little research online and found out that stockinette stitch on circular needles is different than stockinette stitch on a flat piece!!! Wouldn't that have been a disaster??

Okay, I'm off to quickly get my housework done so I can knit this afternoon!! *L* Yes, I'm addicted. Is there a 12 step program or do we just continue to feed the addiction??


Feisty said…
That title is deceiving, Michele!

I thought you had been invaded by the little wool eating beasts!

; )

LOVE that sweater, color, and yarn combination!!

I have some of that same yarn in red for a sweater for my mother.

Knit on, lady, knit on!
Michele said…
Arrrghh!! I can't believe I just did what I did!! Started knitting the body and happened to notice it didn't look the same as the top... I had my piece turned upside down and the outside is the inside!!

Good thing I only knitted 5 rows. Now to tink it all out and not drop any stitches,,,,,,
lolly said…
But you did notice! That's good.
That is beautiful yarn. I can't wait to see you wear it. I bet it will feel great!

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