Pattern:  Jubilee Cardigan from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts
Yarn:  Cascade Superwash Sport in Mint

This was a delightful little knit.  It took four or five hours in total knitting time for the 6 month old size.  The yarn is great and the pattern is just as cute as it could be.  The perfect baby gift!


Michele said…
That is adorable!!
Spaz said…
Wow. Showed up here after many months and find this..... cool.
This piece reminds of one of the endless pieces my grandma knit for me. Super Cute!
Lolly said…
Hey, Spaz, it's nice to see you here! I see you've been writing again. I'll come by and get caught up!
Lolly said…
Feisty, your Tiger Lilly cowl has a blog post over at www.weheartyarn! Beautiful!

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