Cheers to a Good Year!

Now that the holidays are well behind us, I have been taking stock of the ongoing projects that are scattered on and about my desk and favorite little sofa.

2010 was a banner year for knitting designs for me, principally because prior to January or February of last year I had never done it for anyone other than myself. In a sense, there was no where else to go, but up, unless,of course, I just hung it up.

In all seriousness, 2010 was an astonishingly personally rewarding year for me, and I learned so very much. As I am in my early forties, I am well established in my day-job career and no longer feel that burning desire to continually prove myself. While I enjoy performing well, I am no longer as ambitious as I once was, at least in the legal field.

In fact, it was that contentment in my professional life, which fueled the passion for my other interests, knitting being one, albeit a big one. Cooking and writing fiction round out the top three.

As is the nature of a type A overachiever, I had every intention of going out in 2010 with a bang.

In late November, I set my sights on submitting a new design to Knitty for their Spring/Summer issue. The deadline to submit professional quality photos of a finished project with pattern and description was January 2, 2010.

My first request was to Kristine, the wonderful color artist and owner of Curious Creek Fibers, for yarn support. In addition to being lovely and generous, she was also enthusiastically supportive and encouraging. She definitely makes my list of all-time favorite humans.

The yarn arrived promptly in early December from a third party arranged by Kristine. By the time I had it wound, I had the beginnings of a working pattern. Casting-on, I knew I would be cutting it very close, so I also made arrangements to have two models available for New Year's day and began adding a small prayer that the current South Texas drought continue until, at least, two days into the new year.

Then, I began to knit. I knitted some more. My carefully constructed computer chart had errors, and the complexity of the design ultimately dictated I chart by hand a stitch-at-a-time because there was no time to have this test-knitted.

On Christmas day, well after Santa had come and gone and all of the dishes had been put away, I knew I would be able to finish knitting the piece and have gorgeous pictures taken. Unfortunately, I also knew I would not be able to guarantee the pattern would be as free of error, as I could possibly make it.

It was then I decided to give myself a break. No one had imposed any deadlines on me, only me.

The project is beautiful and I could not be more pleased with it. It will just take a little more time to tweak and get "just right." And, that is okay.

So, I set it aside and spent the rest of the holidays on a mindless project, a sweater for the husband knit-in-the-round from the top down. I spent several days doing no more than knitting in circles, not one purl stitch or a yarn-over anywhere to be seen. Definitely, a stark contrast to complex lace, but infinitely more therapeutic.

The husband's sweater is still not finished, but neither are any of the three lace designs, I currenly have on the needles, as colorwork has caught my fascination. They will all be done, along with three (at least) partially completed manuscripts, and a dozen more designs I have sketched up and swatched out.

In 2011, I believe anything is possible!


Neuroknitter said…
Happy New Year! Best wishes in 2011!!

Your designs are gorgeous! I didn't realize you had so many other non-knitting endeavors going on, too!! I wish I could be so productive!! Looking forward to see what comes off your needles this year!!
LauraB said…
I was so glad you allowed yourself the freedom of the deadline. I have to admit that I rarely remember to hunt down corrections for patterns before I start them. So I thank you for preferring accuracy over fame. (But I still am anxious to know what you will submit!)

I am also amazed at your prolific muse. I think mine has gone on hiatus. I know that 2011 is going to be even more rewarding than 2010. Stay healthy, and creative!!
Feisty said…
Hello, Ladies!

Thank you very much for the kind and encouraging words!

2011 will certainly have its share of challenges, but I look forward to keeping good company, including both you!

Kristine said…
Oh Christina!

I am so PROUD of you for realizing the sky would not fall if you didn't submit to Knitty. So very proud indeed. It is one of the joys of being in our 40s, I think, that we finally have enough wisdom from our repeated actions to realize what is *really* important.

Quality over Quantity for these Feisty Knitters & Dyers & Writers & Mothers...etc.

Thanks for taking such good care of yourself!


Feisty said…
Oh, bless, Kristine!

I was worried that I might let you down, especially after all the trouble you went to get the "perfect" yarns to me.

Thank you, my friend.

Yes, with age comes wisdom.

AND, as I advise my children to keep them on their toes: "Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill."

I am truly blessed.

; )
Michele said…
2010 was a rewarding year for me as well.

While I didn't write a single pattern, I did find a new home AND, slowly but surely, am learning how to knit!

Being a few years older than you and retired from a rewarding career I can spend the time for 'this old dog to learn a new trick'!!

Thanks for all your help; without it I might still be knitting scarves! *S* (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

You are a great human being and I treasure your friendship.
Feisty said…
Michele - Thank God you guys finally saw the light and moved to Texas!!

; )

I am so looking forward to seeing you for our retreat on Friday.

Know that I love you!
Lolly said…
Speaking strictly for myself, us underachievers must applaud your rare decision to slow down; point out the advantages of taking a time-out; and reinforce such normal actions with positive praise. Way to go girl! ; )

Seriously, the knitting world can wait a few more months for your Knitty debut (this is your debut, right?) To have it error-free, and a get a good review, is most important.

However, please hurry up on the manuscripts. Get them published and onto audio so we can listen to them as we knit! Oh yeah!
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly!

Are you still coming down next weekend???

Yes, you will have finished manuscripts. Maybe, we can get Cindy to do the audio for us!

; )

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