Some actual knitting!

Two sweaters have actually been finished, and one is nearing completion!

However, I only have shots of the partially complete one.

Remember Amy Herzog's Ayana?

My version uses variegated yarn (Madeline Tosh DK in Cove).

The second shot is a better depiction of the yarn in natural light.

Can I just saw how much I LOVE how this is knitting up?

The sleeves are cast on two-at-a-time.  Because it is hand-dyed yarn, I am alternating skeins every two rows.  

I should have it done in time for 100 degree weather!  That is not a stretch, as we hit 80 degrees over the weekend.  In less than a week, my thermostat moved from "Heat" to "Cool."  

For a little extra warmth, I have also been honing my Fair Isle skills:

This is the back side of a toddler's vest.  The yarn is amazing!!  It is Abuelita Merino which is a finer (as in slightly smaller diameter) to Malabrigo Merino.  Also, it is not thick and thin and Malabrigo tends to be.  The colors are fantastic, too.  I am so enamored of the yarn, I have asked Stacy at The Knitting Nest to order enough for me to make two men's sweaters out of this.  Yay!

The sleeves and front are to be steeked.  All I need to do is reinforce the sides of the steeks, cut them open, and trim out the sleeves.  I think I will add some corrugated ribbing to the front before I attach a zipper.

Although, I must admit, because this is toddler sized, I am debating whether to actually open those steeks.  As I see it, it is the perfect garment to take a little darling shopping.  What could be better than a Fair Isle straight jacket?!

Both of my daughters (now aged 18 and 10) have requested one, but they probably intend to be able to use their arms at some point.

I almost forgot!

Speaking of Malabrigo, Stacy just got a shipment in of Malabrigo, including sock yarn and some Rios.

Apparently, my name is Aguas, because I bought three skeins of the same colorway in both bases:



Lolly said…
Your Ayana is gorgeous! I'm just about finished with my Tiny Tea Leaves. I believe I got lucky with the hand-dyed yarn. And that stuff is terribly difficult to photograph, isn't it.
The Fair Isle is pretty. I still need to put the finishing touches on my Race Day sweater. You can try the corrugated ribbing; but it's much harder knitting flat than in the round. I couldn't do it!

I should knit a summer-weight fair isle straight jacket for my niece's baby! How funny! I could give it to her as a straight jacket and then if she just refused to use it, I could cut the steeks.
Feisty said…

Glad you appreciated the humor. Some parents are sooo touchy! ; )

I'll let you know how the flat corrugated ribbing goes.

Cannot wait to see your Tiny Tea Leaves.
Joy said…
You're fair isle looks wonderful! Love the colors!!! And your Ayana is wonderful too! You do amazing knitting! :)
Feisty said…
Hi Joy!

Thank you!

Please bring in your Fair Isle jacket. I would love to see it!
LauraB said…
I do love those blues...soothing after having been working on this autumnal shade for a month. (See Greenjeans.)

However, just two arm rows to go and then just the tedious pickup of stitches for the collar - which I do NOT understand. Why not just have them as stitches at the ends of either side?!

Sorry - a bit grumpy about it. LOL

Your Ayana is, of course, amazing. The colorwork just makes me twist my mouth and go, "Chuh". Your talent is singular. Just as you are!

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