Fair Isle Vest

Pattern:  Child's Fair Isle Cardi (free pattern coming soon!)
Yarn:  Abuelita Merino (LOVE!)


LauraB said…
You're mad, of course. Creating a fair isle. MAD.

Oh, sure - it's amazing and lovely and the colorwork divine. Sure.

But you have got to get help. ;)
Michele said…
*LOL* Laura, I think she's beyond help!!

Love the vest! SOMEDAY I'll learn how to do something like that,,,have a granddaughter who would go wild over it!
Lolly said…
That's pretty! And it has a zipper! So, how did that corrugated rib on the front go? ; )
Feisty said…
Hello, Ladies!

Yes, I'm nutz, I thought that was why you liked me.

; )
Feisty said…
Oh, Lolly, I almost forgot. The corrugated ribbing was fine, it just required a little adjustment in my thought process to knit flat.

; )
C said…
Gosh, got here via Lecram and discovered that you are a knitter too! Now we just have to convince the Malay pirate that knitting one's own socks is the ulimate in tropical living!

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