Man Room Conversion

When we rebuilt our house in late 2006, we decided to tweak the original floor plan to carve out some much-needed storage space.  The original house had cathedral ceilings in the great room, as well as the master bedroom.

We kept the high ceiling in the great room, but opted for a cove ceiling in the master, which created a good size room above it on the second floor.  The first thought was to make that room a storage space, but it eventually was finished out as a "man room" for the husband with a huge, ugly leather recliner, TV, and place to put all his hunting-related paraphernalia, including mounts of dead animals.  Ostensibly, it was to be a man-only private sanctuary from an estrogen filled house.

While it contained all of his man-stuff, he actually never used the room, preferring the bigger television in the living room.  Truth be told, I think he likes being surrounded by his wife and daughters.

Last year I began sewing again.  Initially, I set up in the dining room, but soon it looked like a fabric shop threw up in there.  Because it is the first room off of the foyer, I always felt as though the house was a complete wreck because the dining room was a sewing mess.

A couple of months ago, I crept up into the man room and slowly began setting up shop.  Out came the sewing machine, which was closely followed by the serger.  I bought a counter height stainless steel cutting table and several shelving units.  One by one, I emptied the closet of my bins of yarny stash goodness.

The husband reconciled himself to losing his room, as long, as he could still store his stuff in there.

Yesterday, I broke out a small roller and a can of Kilz.  I was only going to test a small patch to convince myself the Kilz would actually kill the antiquing stain from the previous paint treatment.

I got a little carried away and did most of one wall because I wanted the husband to put up some wall shelves for me.

Good News:  The Kilz works beautifully!

Bad News:  It is the dickens to get out of one's hair.

There is still a lot of Kilz painting to go, but the fun part is picking out a new paint scheme. In the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to add some orange to the room.  An email from Jo-Ann fabric listing coupons and sales convinced me to start my search with fabric.

I found a pattern I love and have narrowed my choices to two:

Waverly Maldives in Papaya

Waverly Maldives in Ceylon

While I am actually leaning toward the Papaya, I really love the Ceylon, too!

Any thoughts?


Lolly said…
My bed's still in there, right?
That is so cool!
Feisty said…

Yes, Lolly, your bed is still in there. It's a good sized room.

In fact, when you next come to visit, I have a little sewing for you to do, in case you can't sleep.

; )
adamboysmom said…
either would be a lovely choice. What a great room. You have your own yarn store!
Feisty said…
Hey Christine!

I think I am going with the cream, then pull a wall color from the fabric.

The yarn store thing is the joke. Wee One used to tell people: "My mom has a yarn store in her closet." Now, it's in the man room!

; )
Michele said…
What a great room!! It looks great!

I love the Papaya!

Could I hire you to come fix up my room??? *S*
Christina said…
Hi Michele!

I am so coming to see you soon, and I have no problem spending your husband's money. No need to hire me!

; )
LauraB said…
Wonderful!! And for some reason the Papaya speaks to me far more than the Ceylon...

An excellent transformation!
Unknown said…
I like the Papaya . . . I have a thing for 'blue' and Papaya has just a great touch of blue. What a room!! I bet the family will see less & less of you, huh? Sue C.
Feisty said…
Hey Sue!

I ordered the Papaya today! Yay!

How is your scarf coming? I would love to see it!

Thank you,

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