Putting It Away

Like any knitting fanatic, I've tools, skeins, and UFOs everywhere. I had just the spot near the window seat that would hold a small cabinet. I found this one at Ikea (Konsmo 001.804.21) and it really suited the spot and the duty with a reasonable price.

I like that I can quickly put everything away, removing the clutter from the room, while knowing where it all is when I'm ready to pick it up again. If it has a downside, it'd be that the storage boxes are open on the top - any moth concerns you might have could make that an issue. But then it'd be easy enough to use baggies for storage (as most of us do) or make some liner bags to secure the more valuable goods.

If you've been looking for a home for your clutter, this might do the trick. If you've already found a solution, share! (I am considering a trip this evening to the office supply store to copy Christina's "Binder `O Addi's" idea.) And, of course, the dramatic black really lets the colors of the bags I've gotten show off their beauty.

So how do you keep your knitting under control?


Michele said…
You mean we are supposed to keep it under control?????
Feisty said…
That's an awesome looking cabinet, Laura!

Michele, you are too funny!

In addition to a gorgeous armoire Michele gave me, I have shelving units with my yarn tucked away in plastic bins.

I've completely taken over the man room, although it needs to be painted. Will try to take a quick pic sometime soon.
Lolly said…
That's a good beginning, Laura. ; )

I have lots of plastic shoe boxes on shelves in closets, and a few additional storage boxes. And one chest of drawers. (I actually have a bit more yarn than what my Ravelry stash shows.) My pattern binders could use an overhaul, though. And I really should round up all my magazines.

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