Indie knitting - with lots of pictures!!

Because it's the day of the big race....I'm making an effort to get this posted! I have been a bad blogger for quite awhile (this is Lolly, by the way) even though I've been knitting more than ever! After all, there's been Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's, Easter, arrivals of new babies.... one has to prioritize their knit-worthy occasions, that's for sure.'s my story.

Waaaay back, toward the end of last summer, a friend at work was pregnant with her second child. Being her second, she and her husband decided to NOT find out whether the baby was a boy or girl. So, I made her a couple of receiving blankets which I managed to finish for the shower (but did not manage to take pictures.) The baby sweater? No such luck.

For some reason, I got creative (it's happening more these days, in my old age. :) AND the LYS was having a class on steeking a sweater....

Of course, I could have steeked a plain, simple little sweater. But my co-worker and her husband are race fans and I knew them to actually have gone to the Indy 500 several years back. So I got the bright idea of knitting little race cars...

That's right, those red things are race cars.

The bigger ones on bottom have a number 1 on their side. I know I could have made them look more identifiable by using more colors, so I could outline the wheels, etc. Yeah, maybe on Race Day sweater, version 2... (Don't hold your breath.)

Actually, this was very fun. I loved the challenge and I loved making up my patterns as I went. Some turned out looking like flowers, which is nice because my friend had a baby girl. No, that's not her in these pictures. The pictures are my great nephew, Logan. Before I had totally finished the sweater (notice the lack of buttons) he was around for me to try it on. He is a BIG four-month-old in these pictures; so the tiny little girl of my co-worker should be able to wear the sweater this fall, when she's almost one year old.

I used Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and still have plenty to make another sweater; so Logan may possibly get his own later this year. Or next year. I make no promises.

It all depends on how much blogging I do between now and then. Geez, I think the Indy has started, so I'll have to post the rest of my pictures on of these days... when I get a round toit.


Anonymous said…
So! Very! Cute!

I'm watching the Indy right now and the Nascar race later. What a great day for knitting!
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly!

That sweater turned out beautifully!

Good job!

I am sorry I missed your call yesterday, although, I see you now know more about picture placement than I do.

; )
Michele said…
I was soooooo nervous when you cut into that knitted sweater!!!! Maybe in another 20 years I'll be able to do something like that! It sure turned out great!
Lolly said…
Thanks, guys.

Michele, I had [temporarily] forgotten that I cut it when I was down there. I ended up frogging and starting over on picking up the stitches on the front bands twice. I guess I'd better do another one this year or I'll totally forget how i did this one and it will be like doing it the first time... again!

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