Oblique Scarf is now available!

Oblique Scarf
Designed by Christina S. Wilkins

A simple pattern with dramatic impact, Oblique Scarf is the perfect on-the-go project which is designed in two sizes and can be worn as a scarf or wrap.  With a lovely lace edge incorporated into the design and an easy to remember lace pattern making up the length, there are no seams, just an enjoyable knitting experience.

  • Fingering weight yarn (~ 300 to 400 yards) or dk/light worsted weight yarn (400 to 450 yards)
  • Size 4 mm (US 6) needles for fingering weight or 4.5 mm (US 7) needles for dk/light worsted weight
  • 6 sts/1 inches blocked across Oblique pattern (essentially 1 pattern repeat, including yarn-over) or 7.5 sts/1 inches unblocked across Oblique pattern in fingering weight
  • 5 sts/inch blocked across Oblique pattern or 6.5 sts/inch unblocked across Oblique pattern in dk/light worsted weight
  • Blocked the overall length is 72 inches x 8 inches wide in fingering weight or 92 inches x 9 inches wide in dk/worsted weight 


Lolly said…
I swear it seems I do most of my knitting these days 'on the go.' It's also very soothing to be able to pick up some beautiful yarn and just enjoy the knitting and let your mind wander to other things.
Beautiful pattern!
Feisty said…

I cannot remember the last time I finished something just for fun, knitting-wise.

That, of course, has not prevented me from casting on a multitude of selfish projects...

; )

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