I needed two, but ended up with four...and then some.

The Ayana sweater I started, oh, in November last year, on my way to a funeral, now has sleeves.  Unfortunately, they are not yet attached.  But, the knitting is done!

As with most things, I got a little distracted.

Norah Gaughan got in the way with a little design she calls Stibnite.

I was only going to swatch to see if the yarn I had in mind would work...

It did.

Two sleeves and an entire back later, I decided the yarn was going to work really, really well.

The pieces are obviously not soaked or blocked, but they are done!

The yarn is Lobster Pot Yarns Whale of a Skein in Hyacinth.  I have been hoarding three skeins of this for a very long while with its luscious combination of wool/cashmere/angora.

For some perverse reason, the exceptionally nice stuff in my stash languishes longer than the nice, ordinary, run of the mill yarns.  I guess, I feel the the expense of the luxury yarns should yield some pretty fantastic projects. I am getting over it, though, why should I not have a cashmere sweat shirt looking thing, if it makes me ridiculously happy?

All that remains of the Lobster Pot Stibnite project is the long lace-like scarf that forms the front of the cardigan.  It would be done, but for the guilt of all this selfish knitting.

The family, of course, has managed to come up with a few things to assuage that guilt.

The husband liked the vest I made for my dear friend with the birthday coming up, he suggested he might enjoy one of his own, in LSU purple.

The yarn is new to me.  It is Morehouse Farm Merino 3-strand in Boysenberry.  It is much like Malabrigo.  I have not yet cast on, but soon, very soon.

The older daughter is attending UT in Austin.  She has been going to the football games, too.  While we are still in triple digit temperatures, I anticipate there might be at least one game in which she might need a new sweater, so I found a pattern and immediately cast on a Longhorn Girl Sweater:

The pattern is I Heart Aran by Tanis Fiber Arts.  The yarn is Malabrigo Merino in Cinnabar.  Sweet One was home last weekend and heartily approved the pattern and yarn.  Yay!

Not to be left out, the younger daughter (Wee One), found something she thinks she would like to have.

The pattern is fine. It is Wylie from Berroco; however, the yarn is Origami, also by Berroco.  The likelihood of this project actually seeing completion is not great, despite my love for my daughter.  The issue is simply this yarn is the most vile combination of acrylic, linen, nylon, and cotton.  I wish I had something nice to say; however, I shall stop there or this post will be never-ending.

Startitis is not yet through with me.  I spent the better part of last weekend pouring over my stash and my queue, marrying yarns to projects.

It was delightful!

More to come later.

Anyone else flush with project anticipation now that it is officially Fall?!

Happy Knitting!


Michele said…
Lovely as always! *S*

Got some of the Christmas socks done, started on another pair of fingerless mitts for the g/daughter (she reqested some in a different color).

I doubt I'll start any big projects until after the holidays.

Glad to see the sleeves got finished,,,just in time to wear it! well, ya might have to wait a day or two, but soon!
Feisty said…
Hey Michele!

Are you keeping a running total of all the socks you have done this year? You may end up with the most projects!! ; )

Many thanks to you, Sue, and Laura for helping me frog and re-wind my first efforts with those sleeves.

Hope to see you soon.

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