Friendly knitterly advice

Knitting with a migraine is ill advised...

Fixing mistakes post-migraine is much better.


lolly said…
The "after" picture looks very nice! Sorry you had a migraine.
Feisty said…
Thanks, Lolly!

I am looking forward to finishing this one.

; )
Lolly said…
Hey, so why are you looking forward to finishing? Because you're going to like the finished product or because you don't like the pattern?

I looked again at the top photo. I've become pretty good at fixing my mistakes; but I don't know if I could have fixed that without completely tinking it all.
Feisty said…
Hey, Lolly!

It was not a difficult fix, just a little tedious. It required me to frog ten stitches down fifteen or so rows. The hardest part was making sure I was in the right place on the piece and the pattern.

From there, I reknit each row, making sure I was using the correct loop of yarn. Fortunately, the Malabrigo is heavy enough to be able to see the stitches clearly. I would not have been so bold, if I had been working with tiny stitches on much finer weight yarn.

I am looking forward to finishing this because I really like it and it is for the older daughter to wear to UT games!

; )

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