Who is with me?!


Joy said…
I'll be crawlin' today. Heading to Old Oaks, Comfort and the San Antonio stores. :)
Feisty said…
We started up in your neck of the woods, knocked out Austin, and Old Oaks.

Tomorrow: Horseshoe Bay, Comfort, and SAT!

; )
Lolly said…
I wish I could be (have been)... :)
LauraB said…
Holy moley - what a couple of days!! Thanks for the idea and the joining up as the day allowed!

All shops hit, I have to say that Tinsmith's was the perfect LYS. I will always like Hill Country for its ease and selection - and Susan in Paige for her proximity, kindness, and lovely samples...but Tinsmiths was AMAZING.

With any luck, the hubby or myself will win SOMETHING. Yes, he came along and had his own bag o' swag. Lord, I love that man!!
Feisty said…
Lolly - You would have love it! Next year... ; )

Laura - You and hubby are the bomb! The chocolate was perfect!! I agree, Tinsmith was awesome!

Here's to hoping one of us one the grand prize...I'll defer, I want that Atenti bag!!!

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