Bohus, anyone?

This Bountiful Bohus pattern has been in my queue for a long while.

This one is knit from the bottom up, in the round.  It has a little bit of stranded knitting (Fair Isle) at the yoke collar.  Once the body is done, the front is steeked (as in cut open with scissors), and the button bands are added.  It looks far more complicated than it is.  It only calls for three different colors of yarn, and the pattern is free!

The yarn arrived about the time the husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

Ergo, the yarn is now a Christmas gift, and the actual knitting will not begin until January.

Here's the yarn I chose:

Cascade Eco Cloud in three undyed shades from bottom to top:  1810-charcoal, 1805-doe, and 1801-cream. This yarn is 70% undyed merino wool and 30% undyed baby alpaca.  Each strand is braided.  It is amazingly soft and cushy.

I won two skeins in color 1807-otter from the Yarn Crawl in October.  While I was knitting a quick swatch with it, I did not think the yarn could get any better, but once it was soaked and allowed to dry, it bloomed beautifully!  I also love the muted tones of the undyed yarn.

Here is the 1807-otter with swatch (I must confess, I bought a bag in this colorway, too for another sweater):

With the flash of the camera, all the photos are slightly washed out.  This brown above is a good bit deeper in tone.

Love this yarn!

I am naming my sweater Bohussy.

So, is anyone interested in getting some yarn together and knitting this sweater with me after the first of the year?


LauraB said…
Well, know, I did not love that yarn when you presented it IS awfully nice all swatchified!

That pattern - the steeking? - sigh...too scary for me.
LauraB said…
BTW, I DO love the pattern! Just wondering if one can not steek?? Hmmm.
Feisty said…
Joy - you are so in!

Laura - how about I promise to seek for you?!


; )
Kristine said…
I am concerned you may not have enough contrast. Have you swatched your colors yet? Have fun!
Feisty said…
You may be right.Kristine!

I will be swatching on Christmas morning!

; )

Care to join me in a knit-a-long?
lolly said…
That will be beautiful. You know, looking at the photo of the model, you can't really tell a difference in the two darker shades, so yours will probably look similar, which I think is fine.

I don't imagine I'll be starting another sweater, unless it's a child's sweater.
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly,

Are you interested in coming down after the new year and knitting/visiting?

; )

I was hoping to get something together for December, but it is not going to work out.

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