Happy New Year!

While the Chinese New Year does not begin until January 23rd, and they are proclaiming it to be the Year of the Dragon, I am only a quarter Chinese, but all knitter, so, instead, the Feisty Knitter hereby proclaims 2012 is the Year of the Sweater!

Profound and impressive, no?

Okay, so I tried.

2012 may only be the Year of the Sweater for me, but I have high hopes!

2011 saw a multitude of knits, but my knitting was disjointed and, not in least, organized.  (More on this in a future post because my finished projects are not, well, organized.)

2011 also saw the acquisition of quite a lot of sweater quantity yarns, hence the need (desire, wistful hoping) to transform the carefully acquired skeins, hanks, and balls to lovely, useful, and warm apparel.

Besides, the eve of New Year's Eve found me in my last pair of jeans that actually fit when I was beset by a most unfortunate event:  the metal button/rivet/fastener thing came off in my hand because the denim had completely worn through.

Of course, translated that actually means I need to reassess my priorities, and, perhaps, reallocate a few resources to non-yarn-related wardrobe items.

Bottom Line:  This chic needs a new pair of jeans or two to go with the fabulous sweaters she intends to knit this year.

If I am not being completely clear,

(drum roll, please!)

Stash Acquisition has been halted for 2012


Not only have I said it, I have put it in writing.

Sort of.

Geez, and I thought losing weight was a tough commitment. Not that I have ever actually managed to maintain or keep that promise for a whole year, but this is different....right?

Of course, it is!  I shall eat more to compensate for the lack of yarn buying.  No food diet this year.

There are only two exceptions to the above moratorium:

1)  If I am knee deep in a project and actually run out of yarn and desperately need a skein or two to FINISH a project, I am allowed to buy only enough yarn to complete said project.

2)  All bets are off during the 2012 Hill Country Yarn Crawl over Columbus Day weekend.  Seriously.  There are prizes for Pete's sake.  There is no way a sane person, moreover, a true blue knitter, can visit that many stores to have the vaunted Yarn Crawl Passport stamped (for the Grand Prize drawing, you see), and not succumb to a skein or thirty.  Besides, by the time October rolls around, I shall be really and truly stash depleted.  At least, that is the plan.

I would love to post a mosaic of pictures pairing patterns to yarn, but I am still organizing.

Stay tuned!

What are your knitting resolutions or plans this year?

Anyone else embracing The Year of the Sweater?


LauraB said…
I am giving strong consideration to the matching of stash to projects. However, first, I need to find and produce some summer items! Bring on the linen and hemp sales, please!
Lolly said…
2012 is definitely my Year of Selfish Knitting - and this means finishing a sweater or 3 or 4 for myself!
Feisty said…
As Laura is mentioning sales, I am thinking her stash acquisition will continue! ; )

Lolly, there is nothing wrong with selfish kntting. I look forward to seeing what you make!

Happy New Year's, Ladies!

; )

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