Hussy Stage I Complete!

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The Bohus project was cast on with a slight modification to the project.  Instead of 10 steeking stitches down the middle of the cardigan, I opted to cast on 9.  The first stitch I cast on was in the middle of the steek.  I made that stitch a purl, then knit 4 more steeking stitches, placed a marker to denote the beginning of the cardigan proper, then continued in the round until I was four stitches from my cast on (purl) stitch, placed a second marker before I knit the final 4 steeking stitches.

If I were to do it again, I would recommend leaving 10 steeking stitches and purling the middle two steeking stitches (the first and last stitches of the round).  The single purl line can still be seen and will make cutting the steek (along those purl stitches) much easier, but no math would have been involved at all, if I had kept the original number of 10 stitches.

The cabled ribbing is really nice, although I was ready for some stockinette when I reached the end of the hem.  From there, there was some waist shaping, then straight knitting for a good while.  In addition, the designer added some nice wrap and turns (W&T) for bust shaping, a welcome addition.

I am loving this project, and the yarn could not be more wonderful!!

I quickly moved on to Stage II:

As everyone well knows, sleeves just are not my thing, so I cast on two-at-a-time.  Again, the cabled ribbing at the hem is very nice, but I was quite pleased to get to the stockinette.

I know several of you have started your Bo-Hussies, too.  Would anyone like to send me some pictures to upload and share?

Happy Knitting!


Sherrie Wadstrom said…
I am woefully behind!! I'm about 2 inches away from bust shaping. Everyone go on without me... Save yourselves!!

I'm too stupid to figure out how to upload my picture. Just trust's gorgeous!
Christina said…
You are not behind!!

The KAL doesn't officially begin until February!


You cannot upload a picture in the comments. Send it to me on email, and I will post.

; )

Happy Knitting!
Sherrie Wadstrom said…
I'm on to the sleeves now! I'm knitting one-at-a-time. Don't ask me why...because I surely don't know.

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