Live to Swatch!

Okay, I waited as long as I could stand it.

I have been swatching for the Bohus.  Because this project is knit-in-the-round and my knitted stitches are usually tighter than my purl stitches, I decided to cast on using a 16" circular needle and swatch-in-the-round, too.   I also took the opportunity to test out how well the colors work together using one of the colorwork charts for the design.


Using a US 8 needle, my gauge was bang on, even in the colorwork.


I think the button is perfect!

Anyone else ready to cast on??

If you are, be aware, the pattern calls for 10 steeking stitches down the of the cardigan.  This is where we will cut the sweater open and pick up stitches for a button band.  Instead of 10 steeking stitches, I would recommend 9 and knitting the steeking stitches as follows:  k4, p1, k4.  Alternatively, as not to mess with the numbers in the pattern, purl the middle two steeking stitches:  k4, p2, k4.  The line of purl stitches will provide an excellent guide for cutting when all the knitting is done.

More to come, after I cast on, myself.


LauraB said…
Lovely!!! And I suppose I ought to swatch a set of the colorwork, too, know me and swatches...
Feisty said…

YOU have already cast on!

Don't worry, if it's too big for you, I will be happy to step in and take it off your hands!

; )
Lolly said…
I'm not knitting the Bountiful Bohus; but I did pull out the pieces of my Victoria Cardigan and started the last piece, Right Front (the side with the buttonholes.) I should be able to finish this sweater within a couple of weeks. Then I'll finish up one of my 3 other sweaters-in-progress. Probably my Cinnamon Bark sweater since it's farther along than the others.

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