My Brazen Little Hussy...

Actually, that would be my Bohus:

Pattern:  Bountiful Bohus
Yarn:  Cascade Eco Cloud in 1810, 1801, and 1805

Anyone notice the button selection changed?

These buttons were purchased over a year ago without a clue as to what I was going to do with them.

While they were my first choice, I was hesitant to use them because they are breakable; however, I finally said "what the hell," and used them anyway.  When I tossed the finished cardigan in the washer (on delicate/hand wash/cold), I turned it inside out to protect the buttons.  They survived!!

As to the former button choice, I used them, too!

Not only are the ceramic buttons large, but they are heavy.  To stabilize them, I did not actually sew the buttons onto the knitted fabric, but through it.  I used the other buttons on the wrong side. This prevents them from drooping and from distorting the fabric.  I used black fingering weight yarn to secure them, instead of the Aran weight yarn I used to knit up the sweater, it was just too thick.

Steeking, did you say?

What about that steeking business?

Okay, as soon as I finished the neckline and washed/blocked/dried the sweater, I took two pieces of coordinating ribbon and hand sewed them on either side of the line of purled stitches I used to mark the beginning of each round, as well as the middle of the steeking stitches.

For those wondering, my ribbon was actually one stitch away from the center purl stitches and half a stitch away from where I would eventually pick up stitches for the button bands.

Then, I placed something, in this case, I used a mouse pad, but I usually use a book, between the front and back of the cardigan to prevent me from cutting through both layers of knitted fabric.  I did not exactly plan to steek and cut open the back of the cardigan, too.

With a deep breath and a sly smile, I commenced to cutting!

The yarn is absolutely like creamy, creamy butter!

After I picked up the button bands and completed them, I folded the excess over, tucked the cut ends under the flap with the ribbon and hand tacked it into place, making sure I was not sewing through to the front of the fabric/knitting, but through the stitches on the back.

Ribbon is not required.

In fact, I could not find any instructions as to using it.  I chose it because I wanted something a little stiffer and more secure to sew through.

To be honest, I think it looks rather fetching.

Project Review:

This was so much fun!  I loved this project from start to finish.  The yarn is absolutely amazing!!  It took a little over two weeks from start to finish.  Remarkable what a little knitting monogamy can do for a project, even a hussy.

I wish we had an Artic blast headed our way so I could wear this.  Of course, it is 80 degrees with 90% humidity.

As a friend posted on Facebook last night:  "It's freakin' February...I should not be sweating like a whore in church!"

Enough said.

What next?

Apparently, I cannot get enough of Fair Isle.

Pattern:  Berries Cardigan
Yarn:  Wollmeise fingering


Bright, yes!

The background will be a dark brown called Ebenholz, the berries in the most of the body will be Blue Curacao, and the gold trim accents in the original will be red (Herzblut).

Fingering weight!

Fair Isle Fingering Weight!!

Oh, yeah!  A Blueberries Cardi for Chrissy!

Who is with me?!


I have, at least, one taker.

Say "Hello" to Sherrie's Cherries:

Wollmeise, of course!

The teal for the background, the red for the cherries, and the acid green for the accent!!

GORGEOUS, just like Sherrie!


Lolly said…
I noticed the buttons right off! They are so hussified! I keep thinking your pictures are in 'black and white.' Bring on the colorful Cherries! That one should take you a little longer than two weeks. ; )
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly!!

The buttons complete it, definitely!

: )

Yes, I needed a little color after the grey bohus!
LauraB said…
Incredible...the sweater is perfection. I cannot believe Sherrie is gonna join you on that Berry...madness.

Now, if I can just find some time to knit!
Sherrie said…
Beautiful!! The buttons add the 'brazen!' You did a wonderful job - as usual!

As for 'Sherrie's Cherries,' I've never been one to back away from a challenge! I like to call it 'ambitious.' :-) Let's all say a prayer that my modest knitting skills will do the absolutely gorgeous yarn justice.
Lolly said…
I really appreciate all your pictures and explanation of the ribbon technique. That, and your secure buttons will probably make the button placket much more stable and lasting without losing its shape. I hope I get to see this in person some day!
Christina said…
We will have to get you back down here, Lolly!

; )
Kit said…
Your knitting is absolutely fantastic! I'm totally in awe of your knitting skills and how quickly you can get stuff done! Great job!
Christina said…
Hi Kit!!

Thank you!

This was really an easy sweater. Most all of it was knitting stockinette in the round.

The steeking was not hard, just the idea of cutting up all your work.

Give it a try!

; )

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