Not all buttons are for knitting

Remember these?

They were just put to good use.

The husband has a birthday coming up, so you are going to have to keep this on the down low, okay?


Well, he is seriously into fly fishing.  On one of my extended forays onto Etsy, I came across a listing for some vintage fabric feature flies, the hand-tied bait the husband uses to catch trout.  Unfortunately for me, but good news to the fish, he then releases it back into the water to catch again another day.

Anyway, this fabric was gorgeous!  I called my mother to ask if she would sew him a Hawaiian shirt out of it for his birthday.  She readily agreed because "Son-in-law" is just about her favorite person on earth, even if she cannot seem to remember his name.

The shirt arrived today sans buttons because she could not decide which ones to use and she knew I have quite the collection.

Behold the Hawaiian fly-fishing shirt with beach pebbles!

Actually, I am aware you cannot see the whole thing.  I am hoping the husband will model.  He is having a bowling party in a couple of weeks.  In lieu of a bowling shirt, he will be (I hope!) wearing this.


Speaking of bowling parties, we had one in early December for Wee One.  It was a huge success with two lanes reserved just for her and her friends (and her father and her friends' parents, as it turned out) with tables full of paper goods, a hand painted pin with her name and smiley face, balloons, pizza, drinks, ice cream cake...the works!  We bought the party package and it came with a teenage party girl (the good kind that caters to the young without alcohol, etc.).  Everything was included, except the cake.

The husband (and other adults) had such a good time, I asked him if he would like to celebrate his birthday there, too.  He readily agreed.

A few weeks later, I called the bowling alley and asked to reserve two lanes for the first Saturday night in March.  The nice lady quoted me a price, and I almost fell off my chair. I explained we had had a birthday party there in December, and the price was much less.

"Oh," she said, "I didn't realize you wanted the party package."

"Yes," I agreed, "the party package."

"Okay.  That is a lot less expensive.  How many children?"

"At least a dozen."

"Whose birthday will it be?"

"His name is Brad."

"How old will little Brad be?"


She laughed, as I inquired:  "Is that a problem?"

"No, Ma'am.  Not at all.  Will his paper goods be Speed Racer or Sponge Bob?"

"Speed Racer, thank you."

Comments said…
Hey! Love the way you are playing with those buttons! So glad you are pleased with them.
Thank you so much:)
Feisty said…
The buttons are great!

The larger ones will be destined for some knitted goods!

Thank you!

; )

sydneyw47 said…
Joy said…
Love the fabric, love the buttons, love the story! Go speed racer, go speed racer GOOOOOO!!!

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