The Cat Daddy...

Otherwise known as the ultimate knitting bag on steroids...

At the very least, my new absolute favorite knitting bag:

Yes, there are two bags in that picture.

The little blue bag is a relatively new design that is perfect for small projects on the go:  socks, mittens or a scarf.  It is roughly 7" tall and 10" wide across the top.  It is also great for carrying all those knitting notions and accessories, too!

Above, little blue is sporting a set of Blackthorn dpns (double pointed needles) and a skein of Becoming Art Suave Sport in the Chile Verde colorway.

Below, the Cat Daddy is giving his impersonation (as much as an inanimate bag can do) of a Great White Shark with tiny red zipper teeth.  Note there is a second zippered pocket within.

What is so great about the Cat Daddy, you ask?

Well, I have a lot of projects going at one time, and I have a lot of project bags neatly tucked away beside various comfortable chairs throughout the house.  Last week the husband purchased a new RV for traveling, and we scheduled a maiden voyage two weeks from today.  Before I even considered the menu or what to stock in the new camper, my mind raced over what projects I should bring along.

Gathering several individual project bags, I noticed something.  When I work on sweaters, I usually use a small to medium sized bag and just carry one or two skeins with me as I work on the front, back or sleeves.    It never fails, though, as I am knitting along on a front, my mind wanders and begins to wonder, where the heck did I put the back, the other front or those darn sleeves?  Seriously.  It makes me worry.

So, I really wanted a big sweater sized bag that would accommodate not only all of the yarn for the project, but the pieces, too.


The Cat Daddy holds not only enough yarn for an entire sweater for me, but two whole sweaters!

He stands 17 inches tall and 17.5 inches wide at the top.  He's a big boy!

That would be six skeins of Aran weight Blue Moon Fibers Twisted.  (The bright yellow/orange is Sunstone and the blue is Star Sapphire.)   At 560 yards a skein, that would be a whopping total of 3,360 yards of yarn!!  Woohooo!

Not that I would actually carry two sweaters' worth of yarn with me, but it is nice to know that I can.

More realistically, I am likely to carry a sweater project, a sock project, and something lace-like with me when I travel for extended periods because I tend to cycle through them depending on how much time I have available at a sitting, how good the light is, what is going on around me, etc.

That means, of course, that the Cat Daddy can carry all of those things, plus my notions and patterns.


The Monkey fabric is pretty darn cute, too!


Maria said…
I want to hear about your camping adventures!!! We started traveling in a motorhome in 2004. We're going to hit our last 9 states this summer!
Lolly said…
Very cute! I'd be tempted to call it the Monkey Momma. :)
Christina said…
Hey Ladies!

Maria - you didn't like the bag, then? ; )

Yes, there will be plenty of pictures and posts about the camping adventures. We cannot wait!

Lolly - we used to have an obnoxious friend who used phrases like "downtown," "cat daddy," and such. Monkey Momma just doesn't have the same ring to it!

; )
Martine said…
What great bags! I'm in love with the small one ;-)

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