The Lawyer is IN!

My mother-in-law was a wonderfully creative individual. In addition to needlepoint and painting, she was an excellent cook who enjoyed nothing more than feeding those she cared about.

Notwithstanding, she and I had something of a strained relationship, particularly before our daughters were born. Once she had the granddaughters, her focus shifted wholly onto them, and she showered them with great love and attention. It was then our relationship mellowed.

For one of the husband's birthdays, she gave him a nice ice chest onto the top of which, she had painted Peanuts characters. The husband was a daredevil Snoopy riding a big motorcycle. She gave me the role of Lucy under the handmade sign emblazoned with: "The Lawyer is IN." While I was and still am an attorney, I have found that depiction to be something of a character assassination.

When I came across this pattern, my mother-in-law immediately sprang to mind because it is named "Lucy."

It is hard to say exactly what drew me to this pattern, other than I liked the casual style of it and, when I checked my stash, I realized I had the perfect yarns for it.  

For the last couple of years, I have had two skeins of Miss Babs' Yowza in "Bruin" (on the left) that I had absolutely no idea what I was going to knit with them.  I loved the color and the softness of the yarn, but I only had a combined total of 1,120 yards, not enough for a full sized sweater for me.

On New Year's Eve, my last purchase for 2011 included two skeins of more Yowza in a variegated colorway called "Need I Say More" (above right), from which I was planning to design a shawl.

As the Lucy pattern only calls for up to 300 yards of yarn for the edging, I should still have enough of "Need I Say More" to make that shawl.

After ten days of intensely monogamous knitting, I have a new light-weight cardigan:

(The above shot is actually the truest depiction of the yarn colors.)

As you can see, Riley was the only model available, and Lucy was just not the right size for him.  He tried, the little terriorist, he certainly tried!   High winds were another issue all together.

This was a quick, immediate gratification knit.  I am thrilled with the weight of the knitted Yowza and equally delighted the lovely "Bruin" colorway found its calling.

Of all the things I have knitted lately, I expect when the cooler temps of late fall come back around (read late November, early December), this will actually get a lot of wear!


Lolly said…
Let's fabulous - I love it!
LauraB said…
Lovely, lovely!! And that tidy edge stitch - was it slipped?!

I think you truly found the perfect match and it looks amazing!
Feisty said…
Thanks, ladies!

Laura, that is an elastic bind off done purl wise.

; )
Maria said…
Yep! I favorite the cardigan on revelry, and you knit the darn thing. It's gorgeous!
Feisty said…
Ha, Maria!

You could knock it out in one NASCAR race!

Hope you are well!

; )
Martine said…
Looks great!
I admire your knitting speed!
Feisty said…
Thanks, Martine!!

It is a much faster knit than that Fair Isle hoodie you and I are working on!

; )
Martine said…
I can imagine :-)

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