Sans Sleeves

The Flaming June has been coming along nicely!

The body and collar are done.  Now, all I need are sleeves!

While the ends have been woven in, I have not yet washed or blocked it, but the sun seemed right for a quick shoot.

Yarn and pattern details here.

Of course, Rita had to get in on the action!  I am just glad the model and the knitwear both survived, as well as Rita.

More shots after the sleeves have been knit and it has been properly blocked.

Happy Knitting!


LauraB said…
WOW! It looks amazing even before blocking! I cannot wait to see it finished - get to work on those sleeves!!
Joy said…
It looks great! I can't wait to see it with sleeves and all blocked out. :)
Christina said…
Thank you, Ladies!

Sleeves were cast on last night...two at a time!

; )
Martine said…
Looks nice! (And great puppy ;) )

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