In lieu of actual knitting...

I shall continue with the button obsession because what knitting I have, cannot be shared at the moment.

Several different buttons were delivered today.  In fact, I have received five sets of buttons to marry with the Fair Isle hoodie project.  Before this last shipment, I was zero for four.  However, just as I was about to completely give up, the plain Jane, little plastic buttons that arrived this afternoon seemed to fit the bill!

In the background are the Czech glass ones that I was certain I was going to love, even though I was ten short of them, but the color was off, just a bit.

While in need of a little toothbrush love, the mottled green buttons, are perfect!

Remember one of the early contenders for the Fair Isle, these glass ones?

They found a home with the Madtosh Twist dk in Dr. Zhivago Sky!  They actually have silver highlights.  I think the gold tint from the picture below, is actually a reflection from my flash.  They look really nice in person!

Lastly, I bought these greenish buttons on a whim, but I think they look lovely with the Deep Blue Teal Yowza from Miss Babs, don't you?

Okay, I am over the button thing for the moment.

Back to knitting!


Lolly said…
I love those on the Dr Zhivago sky!
Feisty said…
I think those are my favorite, too, Lolly!

; )

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