The next step...

Matching up yarns and patterns is just the first step, right?

You know what next comes...


Yes, I am a serious freak about buttons.

Yesterday found me on etsy in search for some kind of snowflake button to go with the Olafsdottir in the previous post.

That cardigan has some serious buttons in it, fifteen in all, three-quarters of a inch in diameter.

The first two contenders are just sparkly.  Snowflakes are sparkly, right?  They are the perfect size, and the vendor has fifteen each of these next two:


They are a definite maybe, even though I know they would show up nicely against the purple Nightbloom.

Abandoning the snowflake theme, I sought out something in the celadon green.  I came up with Czech glass in sea blue (on the left) and blue green milk glass (on the right). 

Good news:  They are just beautiful.
Bad news:  There are only five of the Czech glass and ten of the milk glass.  Period.
Possibly good news:  Five, plus ten is fifteen!  They may work once I get them and actually place them on the knitted fabric, even though the Czech ones are 3/4 of an inch and the milk glass ones are are an inch.  The top five may be Czech and the bottom ten may be milk glass...

 Does anyone have a favorite?


Joy said…
I like the milk glass a lot, but i don't think I'd like the buttons mixed together. I really like the sparkly ones on the right side of the picture up there.
Sherrie said…
Love, love, love the Czech buttons! Outrageous bummer that there are only 5!

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