Grass is Green and Glorious!

While the drought of South Texas continues, I still see green grass, if only in my stash...

Pattern:  Insouciant
Yarn:  Plymouth Grass in 9063

This was a super simple pattern that knit up quickly, when I actually worked on it.

It is a little big, but my gauge was spot on.  My mistake was measuring my favorite t-shirt and assuming I wanted this to fit exactly the same.  It does, but the knitted fabric is slightly heavier, so it grows a bit with wearing.  Also, the pattern was designed for a smallish individual, so the neck line is rather wide and large in my size.  The plan is to rip out the neck edging, pick up fewer stitches with a pair of smaller needles, and redo; however, I freely admit, I have already worn this!

Love the top!

Love the yarn!

I will be knitting this one again in Habu Tsumgi silk (color #11), although I will be going down a needle size for the entire project:

In other news, a new pattern will be released to the public on July 1st!  Can you tell what it is?


Lolly said…
I could not tell what that was! But as i was surfing around ravelry a bit just now, I came across it. And Yay! I want to knit that! And I believe i have some suitable yarn, too.
Feisty said…
You are quite the sleuth, Lolly!

; )

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