Wandering ways

True confession:  I had a brief fling with a very old flame, but it is definitely over...for now.

Mirabilia's "The Dreamer" is a pattern I have had in my queue for almost 20 years.  It was released in 1994. At a knitting crossroads, I decided to pick it up. For a couple of weeks I was lost to its heady spell.  Then, I realized, cross stitch takes a long dang time to complete.  So, I dropped her like a scalding hot rock, and cast on for a new sweater!

Stellar has been in my queue for a while, too!

I had originally intended to knit her in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted in Sunstone:

 But, I had these fantastic buttons that looked glorious with this Deep Blue Teal Yowza from Miss Babs...

After pouring over the old queue, I finally paired the yarn to the perfect project with just one little wrinkle:  According to the pattern, I may be a few yards short.

Fortunately, the pattern is written from the top down.  As my first priority was getting the length in the body I wanted, I cast on for the attached collar first.  The body was next, and I am now at the point where I can separate for the sleeves.  The plan is to knit the body to the appropriate length, then attach the collar and trim the front edges with applied I-cord.  Once all that is complete, I will weigh my remaining yarn and divide by two and see how far I can go with the sleeves.

Here are the two pieces for the collar, which is knit in a lovely textured pattern.

I am seriously nuts about this yarn/button combination!

With a little knitting monogamy (don't laugh), this should be finished well before month's end.


Ann said…
Oh Chrissy, what fond memories of have of your old flame! I have given away many of my cross stitch patterns, but not the Mirabilia patterns. As a gypsy artist, I get a little green when I see your beautiful knitting projects. If only, I could pick just one hobby! Love you girl.
Feisty said…
Hey Ann!

How many thousands of hours do you suppose we spent cross stitching?

There is nothing wrong with being a gypsy artist. Your jewelry making is amazing!!

Love you!


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