What happened to the weekend?

The last time I checked, it was Thursday evening, and I was blissfully knitting away on a project with a self-imposed deadline of Wednesday, July 18th.

Then I had a little discussion/email with Laura about an upcoming Trunk Show.

Yes, I told her, I had it all under control.

No, in response to her query if I had whipped up a nice little free design just for the trunk show.  I have the Tiger Lily Cowl, and I was going to hand out printed copies of that, I added.

No, I didn't know what happened to my sample.

Absolutely not, I did not have time to knit another one...

Well, apparently, that was not quite true.  Not only did I have time to knock out one, a second one flew off my needles.

Yarn:  Classic Elite Waterlily in Celestial
Needle:  US 8

Yarn:  Alisha Goes Around Stable of Horses in Wheat 
Needle:  US 7

These are a super quick knit. It actually takes longer for these to dry, than they do to knit.  No more than four hours each, if that.

The pattern is easily memorized.  In fact, I did not even bother to glance at it for the second one.

Once I finished those, I thought I could do with a few more bags to boot:

As I toiled in my own little sweat shop, the husband not only went to the grocery store (Yay!), he came home and made a fantastic meal:

Salmon on cedar planks!

Wee One made us a pasta salad:

Okay, maybe now I am ready to face the week, even though that little July 18th deadline is not likely to happen...

Happy Knitting!


Lolly said…
I love salmon! I've never cooked it on cedar planks, though. Where did you get the planks?
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly!

Brad has been doing these for a while. I found the planks on a Woot special a while ago, but they have them in BBQ stores and some specialty kitchen stores.

We (as in Brad) take grilling seriously around here!

; )

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