Free Falling

Is the summer almost over?

Last weekend we moved the older daughter into her first apartment at University of Texas.  It is her second year, but she is already a Junior!

Next week the younger daughter begins middle school.  Tomorrow is orientation.  While she is thrilled, I struggle with wondering what happened to my sweet little babies.  The last time I blinked, the Wee One was still very wee.

I hate to even think of my older one turning twenty in February.

In addition to all the school-related issues and obligations we have been addressing of late, the day job has been hopping with fiscal year-end approaching next month.  During the weekday hours I am an attorney. At night and on the weekends I devote my time, not only to the family, but I masquerade as a knitter/designer, seamstress, and novelist, albeit, the writer has been largely absent of late.

While my blood type and personality are the same (A+) and I take great pride in honoring my commitments and keeping my word, I think the free fall in which I have found myself in recent weeks just hit a wall.  The designs in progress have only been inching along in fits and starts.  Other knitting has all but dried up, as the (internal) pressure to produce mounts by the moment.

All I can manage is swatching.

Stress typically induces the desire to eat everything in sight; however, this round, the appetite is non-existent, as nothing really looks appealing.

I simply swatch.  I am test driving new yarns, old yarns, stitch patterns, and combinations of stitch patterns.

The creativity is burning with fresh ideas covering the pages of my sketch book, but the execution is sorely lacking.

I guess, I am simply not done swatching.


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