Burning Question of the Day

My office serves a number of purposes.  It is there I have my desk and computer, my sewing machine, and, most importantly, MY STASH!

Because it is upstairs, a lot of the time, my mail, as well as stray needles and balls of yarn, stack up on the first three or four steps, waiting to be fetched and carried.

This morning, bleary-eyed with a cup of hot tea in one hand, I reached down to collect four of five pieces of mail.  Fortunately, the journey to the top was brief and uneventful; however, after hitting the light switch with my left elbow, I stepped over and tossed my mail onto the desk when a three-inch long gecko emerged from between the envelopes I had been carrying and scurried across my computer, made a death-leap (considering his size) onto the floor and ran toward my feet, before abruptly changing directions and vanishing under a stack of empty boxes.

The Gecko was not a threat to me, I knew that somewhere in the rational part of my brain that was not quite alert and functioning at the very moment he appeared.  While I am not sure, I may have made something of a screeching sound to acknowledged his unexpected presence, but I did not, in fact, toss my tea at him, my computer or anything else because, by God, I have 99% of my stash in that room!

For those who may not have experienced a gecko first hand, allow me to share this swiped photo from Google Images:

While he was moving much, much faster and not basking on a leaf, this pretty much depicts my little intruder.

So, my query is this:  How much damage can he actually do to the beloved stash?


I will hunt him down, if I must.


LauraB said…
Och, no worry! He will, instead, eat anthing that tries to get to your stash. We've got these babies EVERYWHERE on the exterior and they are happy to be inside, too.

I bet they love moths...
Feisty said…
Excellent news, Laura!

Shall I leave him a bowl of water or something?

; )
LauraB said…
Sticky rib, maybe...
Feisty said…

Unfortunately, those did not last long.

Perhaps, I shall make another quintuple batch and offer the Sarge a bounty...

; )
Lolly said…
Like Laura, I think they prefer bugs. But he may die without water. And I just read, in an article about orchids which was recommending that lizards or frogs are good to have in a greenhouse to eat insects, that they cannot lap up water out of a saucer; rather they get it off the plants and so you would need to mist the plants to give them water. So, put a big leafy plant in there and mist it. That's the bait. When he shows up, uh, you'll think of something, I'm sure. Heck, you've probably already thought of something better! Do you still have a cat?

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