Coming along nicely

The weather is South Texas is glorious right now!

We finally had a little cold front come through and temperatures dropped from 80 degrees F to 65 degrees F with a nice breeze.

It is the perfect knitting weather!

The Audrey for the older daughter is coming along nicely.  Madelinetosh sport is a dream to work with. Do not even get me started about the color (Curiosity), I love it so.  Because this is hand-dyed yarn, I am alternating skeins to blend the slight tonal variations more evenly.  LOVE MADTOSH!

While the sunlight was just right, I popped outside to take a couple of quick shots.  The buttons are mother-of-pearl and dark grey, almost black with a purplish hue to them.  Because they are so reflective, the color of the buttons is difficult to discern, but I think they could not be more perfect.  More importantly, I have ten of them!

Anyone else working on a sweater right now?


Lolly said…
That is beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous! I think I have enough Mad Tosh to knit an Audrey for my DIL. But i don't know that the color is right for her. Probably not for Christmas, though. :)
Aaah, definitely not for Xmas.
Christina said…
What color MadTosh do you have?

So far, this has been a lovely knit, but I have not yet reached the decorative stitches at the top.

I shall keep you posted!

Take care, Lolly!

; )

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