1st finished project of 2013!

And...they are camouflage socks for the husband!

No, the stripes do not all match up nicely, I am trying to let go of the OCD, not encourage it.

Yes, they are too big for the sock blockers, but the husband's feet were not available the instant I finished them.

Not bad for the 9th day of January, even though I started them on December 30th.

Yarn:  On Your Toes by S. R. Kertzer in colorway:  ON223815.  The yarn is sadly discontinued.

Pattern:  My own.  I cast on 72 stitches with a 4x2 ribbing.  Simple, monotonous, but effective.

With only 390 yards to work with, I had precious little left over.


Lolly said…
I'm just having the hardest time figuring out which WIP I want to finish first, this year. :) So this morning I started a pot holder with some white cotton. I wanted to knit it, not crochet; so I decided to do it 'double-knitting' style. Got about an inch an a half of it knitted and got to thinking of other things I could do with it. I spend more time thinking than knitting, I think. :)

Really cool camo socks for the man, btw!
Christina said…
Hey Lolly!

I have some many queued projects sorted out, as well as socks waiting, I think I may just write their names down on little slips of paper and have a drawing, as to what I will knit next!

; )

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