A little inspiration

Once the Christmas sweaters were all done and after I managed to finish one for me before the end of the year, I found myself a bit bereft of inspiration.  The knitting muse had abandoned me.

I asked all around me, if anyone had something they would dearly love for me to knit, but they were all sweater satiated.

With ten 2012 sweaters all for me neatly folded in my drawers, I felt guilty about any additional selfish knitting.

When the husband finally chimed up about a pair of socks, I could not wind the yarn fast enough.  They are darling little camouflage socks.  I promise pictures when I am further along.

Socks are fine, but I truly enjoy the immediate satisfaction of actual visual progress with larger needles.  Sweaters are what I wanted to knit, bring on the cardigans and pullovers!

Then, yarn from Miss Babs arrived.  Beautiful, glorious variegated yarn:

Now, I must admit, I have a love-hate thing going with riots of multiple hues.  I love to look at them because the cacophony of color screams at me, but rarely knit (anything more than socks) with them because the chaos of color is far too much for my monochromatic soul.

What does one do with worsted weight yarns (Yowza), such as these?

I thought I had had it figured out, at least for the Origami on the bottom.  It was to become this:

Pattern:  Boat Neck pullover

Alas, I am several hundred yards short.

There is plenty of the Can't Buy Me Love in the upper photo, but the color has me retreating from it.

In the end, I just do not know.

Trying to entice the younger daughter into a knit of some sort, I presented her with large, bright pink buttons.

It worked, partly.

We decided I had 1,740 yards of the perfect fingering weight yarn to go with it (Pigeonroof Studios Superwash Merino in "Glinda Returns"):

Okay, we had a fitting combination of large 1" buttons and variegated pink/purple/white yarn.  The only thing missing was a pattern...


Still nothing.

Undeterred, I presented some deep purple lace weight yarn that I thought would be perfect for this Gudrun Johnston design called Laar:


Yes, she liked it.

Then, there was a little matter of buttons.

I presented several:

All were summarily rejected.


As I was on the phone and pulling out other possibilities, the sweet (near grown) girl child spied something she liked.

Suddenly, just like that, we had a winner!

The purple of the yarn in this last shot is more accurate than the one above.

Plum and raspberries, why not?!

They are the perfect size and number, too!

Oh, yeah, Momma has a project!

However, I am completely open to suggestions regarding the variegated trio from above.

Thank you in advance!


Maria said…
Sell me the pink. It can sit on my shelf and scream at me!!! Just kidding, mostly.
Lolly said…
Maybe you could knit a matching hat, scarf, mittens, leg warmers or boot toppers with the bright pink at top, that would brighten up one of your dark outfits?
Christina said…
Hi Lolly!

Maria solved my problem by taking them off my hands.

Thank you, Maria!!

; )

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