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Lavender Sachets!

In the past, I have purchased pre-made lavender sachets to scent my stash and ward off unwanted pests (moths in particular), but it seems as though they have gotten a lot more expensive since the last time I bought them. They are now more than $1 each.  As I wanted to tuck them into my the drawers housing my sweaters, as well as the cabinet containing my favorite yarns and each of the little bins keeping my sock yarn treasures, things were getting a little pricey.

So, I decided to do a bit of research into what exactly went into making these delightful little sacks.

If I thought it was going to be a complicated process, I was sorely disappointed.  I needed exactly two things:  lavender buds and muslin bags, both of which were readily available on Amazon, although I did check Hobby Lobby first, to no avail.

As you can see from the picture above, I splurged and bought a little scoop, too!  I'm a rebel that way.

It is as simple as scooping some lavender buds out of their plastic bag and filling a muslin bag, pulling the draw strings on the muslin bag, tying them into a knot, and voila!  To freshen the sachet at a later date, crunch the buds in your hand to release more of the essential oils.

My total investment is less than $40, and I estimate I will have about 96 - 3" x 4" lavender sachet bags!


katie metzroth said…
thanks for the tip! I was just thinking I needed to get some lavender the other day!
Feisty said…
With my daughters tying the bags for me, it took about 20 minutes to do all the bags!

I could not be more pleased with this little project.

; )
Joy said…
Love it! I'm going to have to do this as well. :)

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