A quick knit...the four day sweater!

Seriously, I started knitting this on a Saturday night and by Wednesday evening, all the knitting was complete!

This is actually for the model's older sister, but she was not around for a photo shoot.

Pattern:  Stokkur by Ysolda
Yarn:  Valley Yarns Buckland in Dark Grey, Olive Moss, and Eggplant.

Next up:

Perry Street Rugby by Kirsten Kapur in Madelinetosh Chunky Composition Grey and Briar.  This one is for the model. 

Would you believe I actually started this last night?


katie metzroth said…
wow! You're quite the speed demon! First sweater looks GREAT. bet the next one will too.
Feisty said…
Thanks, Katie!

There are probably fewer stitches in this sweater than a pair is socks!

; )
Lolly said…
Very pretty! I really like the 2nd one, too.

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