Buttoning up

In addition to collecting yarn, I am continuously in search of buttons.

Not just any buttons, but the perfect buttons to accompany my yarn stash.

Earlier this year, I dyed some yarn in an interesting blue that my younger daughter fell in love with.  I named it Dizzy Lizzy blue, after her, not that she's dizzy, though. Ha!

At 2,100 yards, I had originally envisioned something for me, but who can deny a daughter who actually "likes" something I have?

Thinking it would eventually become a cardigan, I added the prospect of buttons to the list in the back of my mind.

Last week, these crossed my screen:

They arrived yesterday.

Today, they were introduced to their destiny.

While hard to photograph with the shine of the sun's glare, trust me, they are PERFECT!

Now, the discovery of a pattern awaits.

In other news, the very same daughter has taken a shine to this cardigan:

She chose the yarn, Classic Elite's Verde Collection Woodland in Silver. Curiously, the yarn is 65% wool and 35% nettles.  It is wonderfully soft, despite my skepticism regarding the nettles. 

It also arrived yesterday, along with my order of vintage mother of pearl buttons.

While I am quite fond of the rustic back side, the daughter prefers the shiny front side.  As it is her cardigan, she gets what she wants!

Aren't they a lovely combination?


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