Washed, blocked, and awaiting delivery!

Thanksgiving afternoon provided a lovely and long run of uninterrupted knitting. The family was well fed and content, the husband with football, the older daughter with football, albeit hers was of the live action variety (she attended the Texas Tech versus UT game), and the younger daughter read an entire book.

The results of all that knitting are somewhat varied.

The Mondo Cable Pullover is completely done!  The yarn was Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted in Sunstone, a wonderful bouncy worsted weight, although it is advertised as Aran.

The modifications include:  Deepening the vee of the neck and adding four-plus inches to the length. To counteract the A-line of the sweater, at the point (and the construction is top-down) where the increases were to begin after the bustline, I simply switched to a smaller needle.  My friend's gorgeous curves will fill out the sweater beautifully.

The knitting was complete well after ten last night, and I had initially thought it was too late to wash and block it.  However, I knew it would not be done, until it was done.  So, while it was soaking, I began working on other things.

The plan for the Lioness yarn was to knit Thorntower, despite the variegated nature of this dyed-by-me combination of sport and fingering weight.  While I may not be far enough along to really tell, my instincts are telling me I should be very disappointed.

The color?


The garter stitch and reverse stockinette look lovely.

The cables?


Putting that aside, I cast on for something that has been in my queue for ages.

Meet Gamine in the sadly discontinued Classic Elite Yarns Waterlily in colorway 1979.

I started a sleeve in-the-round for something different than the mass of stockinette that I had just completed.

One word:  LOVE!

So, Thorntower is now in a holding pattern, as I move on...

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!


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