And there wasn't...anymore

I don't know when I first discovered Classic Elite's Waterlily yarn; however, I have spent the last couple of years tracking it down and buying whatever I could find of it, as the company inexplicably discontinued it.

In the last year, I have used it to make a jacket for me in Bramble:

as well as a man's pullover in Blueberry:

and a sweater for the not so Wee One in Petunia:

I currently have it on the needles for a sweater for me:

With plans to knit a Ranger in Wedgewood for the husband:

As well as a Lempster in Azalea:

With that, my Waterlily stash would have been exhausted.  However, the ever lovely and resourceful Linda at the Lucky Ewe managed to convince a rep for Classic Elite to search the warehouse from top to bottom to find the very last two bags they had of any of it, which happened to be in the lovely Petunia color like I used for the younger daughter's cardigan!

Thrilled doesn't quite touch my elation at the moment.  To boot, the husband bought the yarn for me.  I shall let him wrap it and stick it under the tree!

Now, I need to find the perfect project for it because it will be selfishly used for me!



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