Pleasantly surprised!

No matter how intense or focused I am on a project, I do not think I will ever be a monogamous knitter.


I said it.

I am not a monogamous knitter.

While I feel as though I am a fairly productive knitter with flashes of monogamy, I am easily bored.

Last week I cast on for the lovely Gamine.

Within days, I had first one sleeve,

then a pair of sleeves, both knit in-the round until the sleeve cap shaping, which was knit back-and-forth.

So, last night I cast on both the front and the back to also knit in-the-round.  At that point, while the lace and cable work was interesting and easy, I was tired of cables.

Rather than cast on for something completely new, I looked over my WIPs and realized how much I really liked (and wanted to wear - there is an Artic front moving in tomorrow!) the Jacquetta Cardigan:

Looking at it this morning, I had a moment of apprehension because I did not remember whether I put this down because it had a problem or whether I would be able to remember where I left off when I set it aside.

Normally, I am a very organized person with an extremely good memory, but age and clutter often get in the way of the best of intentions.

A quick scan of the pattern revealed I had not made a single notation about where I stopped.  Sighing briefly, I decided to count how many stitches I had on the needles, so I would have a starting point if I needed to reknit it in my head to figure out where I was.  I was also mildly irritated because it was unlike me to not either make a note or stop at a very obvious point in the pattern.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had done the latter and stopped at a very obvious point in the pattern.  I had 279 stitches.  The pattern read:  "You will now have ...279...sts on the working needle."

Occasionally, I totally rock!

Jacquetta and I are officially back on!

The ribbing and vast areas of stockinette are a delightful contrast to the lace and cables of Gamine.  This makes me happy.

In other news, how many of you are with me when I say:  "I LOVE the Container Store?"

I was in there during my lunch hour yesterday and walked out with two zippered vinyl and mesh pouches for my projects.  The larger one is just over 12" x 16" and the smaller one is almost 11" x 14". The link has the specific dimensions.  One was $3.99 and the other was $2.99.  To be honest, I have several...

The larger of the two.

The smaller.

They are perfect for housing your paper pattern somewhat flatly and safely, along with your project.  They are relatively clear, certainly clear enough to see the color of the yarn inside, which should be enough to identify most ongoing projects. They zip completely closed and are basically waterproof (although, I suspect if dunked, liquid would probably seep in through the zipper and seams).  Thus, I shall say they will keep things relatively clean and dry when tossed about most vehicles, as I am prone to do.  Lastly, I think they are really inexpensive for project bags.

Okay, back to work (and knitting)!

Is everyone wrapped up in Christmas gift knitting or will someone else admit to knitting selfishly at this time of year?

Happy Knitting!


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