Feisty Finds!

While I was in Comfort, Texas a week or so ago visiting the Tinsmith's Wife, I picked up a couple skeins of Manos Maxima in this glorious color named...M6668!  Sexy name, no?  In any event, there were only two of them and they practically jumped at me when I walked by. Who was I not to offer them a good yarny home?

Last week, Lucky Ewe in Gruene had a sale on their hand-dyed yarns.  While I did score a few skeins (more on that in a second), a little ball of lace weight yarn (Sublime Lace extra fine merino) softly whispered my name, as I was checking out.  I snagged her, knowing she had a destiny.

Combined with the Manos, Miss Lace, held double, will form the edging of a funky new cowl:

A year ago, I bought four skeins of Alisha Goes Around Zeal of Zebra Fingering at the Lucky Ewe. Originally, I was planning some kind of light weight pullover, but as light fingering 3 ply, I could never get a fabric that satisfied me at gauge.  Here it is swatched for the Pomme de pin Cardigan with several button options.

On Friday, when I entered the Lucky Ewe, my plan was to find the same yarn (Ha!) in the same color (Good Luck!) and buy four more skeins (So, I am an optimist), so that I could use the yarn doubled, which would give me a light and airy worsted weight.

I did find the very same yarn and in the exact same color, but there was only one skein.


Stepping back to gaze at all the fingering weight yarns as a whole, I spied a slightly darker, more mottled green.  

Upon closer inspection, I discovered it, too, was an Alisha Goes Round yarn, but in a different base called Tracks of Bison Fingering.  Instead of a light fingering, it was a true 4 ply fingering. The color was named "Downhill."

After a brief chat with Casey, the wonderfully helpful and beautiful shop maven of the day, we decided this was an even better find than four more skeins of the original base.  Casey said the two colors would add "depth" to the knitted fabric. Who am I to argue with a maven?

A quick swatch later and all was ready for a photoshoot.

Gorgeous, no?

The swatch on the right uses both colors of green. The one of the left is using the light fingering only.

It is a good thing that 1) I purchased the first lot of 2,000 yards of light fingering a year before I purchased the second lot of 2,000 yards of fingering and 2) I did not actually stop long enough to even think about calculating the total cost of whatever this eventually wants to be, because it will be ridiculously expensive.

So, while the first color was an unnamed green and the second was "Downhill," I have decided to rename the worsted that they make combined nothing other than:  "Feisty Folly Green."

It has a nice little ring to it, doesn't it?

Just know that whatever it eventually becomes, I will be wearing the absolute hell out of it.  Moreover, I do not presently have anything green in my closet, at least not Folly Green.

In other news, I finished another Xena, this time in rainbow mini-skeins from Bronotta Yarns!


katie metzroth said…
I DO like that green concoction and as I've priced some of that brand of yarn, I can appreciate that you're going to wear the hell out of it. :) I have yet to splurge for one hank for socks. :) but I want to! I've been on the hunt for the perfect green for my cowl bc I want to make it in Texas Stars (hockey team) colors!
Feisty said…

Yes, I will absolutely wear that sweater out! Just as soon as I figure out what kind of sweater that yarn wants to be!


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